Our Network

AS48070 - next generation network.

High-performance direct connectivity to the cloud, internet exchanges, and network service providers.

We recognise that modern organisations operate in complex and fast-moving environments using services and applications from a web of providers. To ensure high performance and low risk across their business, they need hosting and connectivity solutions that are flexible, secure, fast, and easy to consume.

We also support IPv6 as standard.


Global reach with Next Gen connectivity.

Transit Providers & Peering exchanges

Our Network Specifications

  • Our own multi-homed network under AS48070
  • Points of presence in the East Anglia, Manchester and London
  • Direct connection to ISPs available in other data centers using our backbone.
  • Transit supplied by multiple Tier 1 providers
  • We peer widely in the UK, including with the country’s top 6 ISPs
  • IPv6 as standard


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